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Can A Tow Company Keep Your Car?


Tow Company – Before we continue to answer this question, first, it is important to know your rights. Sometimes a tow company can try to persuade you to keep your car with them until you pay your bills. Is this statement true? Can they really keep my car as a hostage for payment? Let us see this with your rights.

The various reasons for towing companies include different rights that you may have and they may have over you likewise. However, do not rely on your towing rights solely.

So what are the reasons for towing?

A Repossession Impound

If a company repossess your vehicle, it may be difficult to recover. The best way to avoid the repossession of your car is to talk to your bank about financial predicaments you may be facing now. However, if the tow company seizes your car, you will also be liable for towing costs.

A Private Party Impound

If a private company tows your car, you may be able to pick it up immediately. If you know the driver of the crane that connects your car and they have not yet fully connected it, you can release it almost immediately. However, if it is already hooked to the trunk permanently, then you will have to pay a fee.

The fact that you have a fee does not mean that a tow company can keep your car as a ransom hub. However, they will ask you to pay the bill but they will not be able to demand from you to pay it before you can take your car. If you do not want it, you should pay it as soon as possible.

Therefore, if the crane has not permanently connected your car, you can unlock it, but if your car is fully on the crane, you have to pay the release fee. No towing company can keep your car against payment.

In general, when a towing company seize your car, it is necessary to charge the expense. The sooner you retrieve your car from the yard, the better. Prices are accumulating every day when your car remains long there. If you can get your car and pay later, do so immediately. The longer your car stays there, the more money it incurs.

Private companies, such as apartment complexes, office buildings, shops or any other place where the company wants to know who is parking at its parking lot, with this; they order a private trailer to tow your car. If your car is seized because you parked one of these parcels without the appropriate approval, you must know the towing company’s name and contact them to find out about the surrender requirements.

In conclusion, the procedure depends on why your vehicle was seized. So I cannot say yes or no. It all depends. The only resource available to tow companies is to charge you. If you do not pay, your account will be sent to the billing agency or you will be slandered.