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What To Do After A Car Accident In Miami?

Car Accident In Miami- No one deserves to be a victim of an accident- it isn’t just injurious. It also leaves scars in the hearts of many. Lives are lost, body parts are damaged, and properties are destroyed, more than we can number, and think that such contingencies are almost unavoidable?

Car accidents, of course, are unavoidable…the fender-benders, head-on collisions, rear-end collisions and even the most serious of car accidents are no subject to the most responsible drivers. At the end of the day, our attitude when such contingencies occur, determine what we take out of the situation.

So the next time you get to meet with a car accident in Miami, Florida – you being a victim or perhaps present at the scene of the car accident in Miami- you have less to worry about. Ensure you;

Evaluate yourself

While it is true that you need to get your car out of the road to avoid blocking the traffic, it is more crucial that you examine yourself. Arguments aside, evaluation should be the first thing any accident victim should do. You know, check out for injuries- sprains, cuts, burns, etc. (not just on yourself, but also on other persons involved).

Take note of every slight pain you feel and the areas at which you feel them. If you come across any injury, dial 911 for immediate medical attention because the situation for certain is an emergency. When you dial in, listen attentively to the dispatcher and comply with every instruction. They give instructions for certain reasons.

At other times, when the neurons do not immediately receive pain information, (owing to the suddenness surrounding the situation), you might have, unknown to you, sustained a serious injury. Hence, the need to still fix an appointment with a physician to enable you and other passengers of the vehicle involved, get adequate medical care.

Another plus to receiving medical care is that it aids compensation. Peradventure the accident involved your car and another person’s- the person being the offender- you can, with the record of your medical treatment, through the help of a lawyer request for monetary damages from the offender. The records of treatment you received as a result of the car accident serve as evidence and give enough reason to seek compensation much later.

Establish communication with the other driver

As difficult as this may seem, it eases the situation. (Maybe not entirely, but to some extent). Rather than engaging in arguments – trying to state who is at fault and how, exchange information. After all, no sane and time-conscious individual will intently get involved in a car accident in Miami. So, exchange relevant information; mobile number, insurance details and any other information you think are necessary. You’ll be required to provide such information to the police, as well.

Take record of the scene

This part is just as important and should be done as quickly as you can, to avoid mix up or forgetfulness. There is a lot to document and are best gotten at the accident scene; photographs of damaged vehicles and injured persons, names and information of those involved in the accident,  bills, and expenses you later incurred and possibly, information of eyewitnesses around. Also, if you can, write down details of the accident occurrence i.e. how it all happened, while you can still remember.

All these, together with records of your medical treatment (if any), should be properly documented as they will be helpful in the event of proving your case. If it is the other way round (you being the offender), you will also need such documentation to serve as defense and guide on expenses you will incur.

Do not leave the scene

This is not to mean that you wouldn’t eventually leave the scene, but you cannot leave immediately. At least, not when responding officers are yet to show up. And being aware of the policy everywhere in Florida, to arrest people who leave accident scenes (fatal accident scenes especially), it is just safe to await the arrival of police officers, fire rescue team, or other first responders.

Leaving the scene could imply that it was only a minor incidence and you are less perturbed. Hence the difficulty to seek compensation if there are truly injuries and damages. As the offender, it could imply your bid to escape from being held responsible for the damages.

car accident in miami

Communicate with your Insurance Company

We cannot always handle every situation, especially when we are less informed. In such cases, let a professional step in. One of the services you will need after an accident, is that of an insurance company, hence the need to have insured your car before the occurrence. After the accident, do not leave them uninformed. Make them aware of everything that happened. If possible, send them pictures. The company will, in turn, offer you advice or even help you with the process of getting repair estimates.

As the offender, you should also contact your insurance company so that they will not only be aware of the occurrence but also that the insurance company of the other driver will contact them for the damages you made.

Contact the Police

If you will be proving your case later on, then you should contact the police. The officers will require you to provide certain information which of course, are necessary when filing a report. To this effect, you will need to be as honest and well-mannered as you can be. Also, be mindful of certain actions- you do not have to be in a haste to acknowledge the fault and you shouldn’t rush to accuse the other party either. Remember, every piece of information is tenable. Do the needful and get for documentation, a copy of the police report.

Contact other necessary responders

Having done all of the above, another important step is to contact certain responders. You should contact a towing company for instance, if your vehicle and/or other vehicles involved, need to be towed out of the road. A lawyer or law firm is needed to help prove your case and obtain compensation. You should also get across to a repair shop, to get estimates and begin work on repairs as soon as possible. The services of these responders will help you get through the situation easily.

That’s about it. As unavoidable as accidents may seem, (car accidents at that) an idea of what to do and what not to do, keeps us settled. So, the next time you get yourself involved in one, there is really no cause for alarm. If it’s in Miami, having complied with the above steps, the issue just got resolved. Not only are your rights preserved, but you will also get adequate compensation.