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Can Tow Companies Charge Whatever They Want In Miami Florida?


If you have a car, then you must be familiar with a tow company in which they used tow trucks. Tow trucks which are also known as a breakdown truck, wrecker, breakdown lorry, and a recovery vehicle as well. They are basically used to relocate any disabled cars. Same can be for those cars who are not properly parked or are confiscated. It can be some indisposed vehicles. In general, you can say tow companies exist to help with your cars especially the disabled ones.

Miami Florida USA Tow Companies

In Florida, Miami is the center of economic, financial and variety of cultures. Miami has a lot of tow companies in the city as well which can be used whenever you have any car trouble. You can just call them to get help and they will be there to do so. So you can easily be taken care of. Some of the famous tow companies, which you can use when you have car trouble, are:

etc. and many others like these.

So far so good. But, since they provide you their facilities, there, a question arises about the payments and how much should you be charged for availing their services. What their charges should be? Should they just charge whatever they want? Or is there any specific standard for which you should pay them. Any person who uses tow companies in Miami should also be familiar with this as well so that person pays only the required payment to the company. And so no scam can be made as well. The focus of this article is specifically this very point which is can tow companies charge whatever they want in Miami Florida USA.

Towing Companies – Review and Scams

Some of the reviews have revealed that, in Miami, towing companies are overcharging their customers consistently. Not only that, but they also failed to pay their dues to the city and the dues are in tens of thousands actually. This scene has come into the spotlight more after it was covered in the news recently. The audit of towing companies has also been reviewed in which they have found clues regarding overcharging. Overcharging was around more than 8000 dollars in just a single month and people get scammed just because they are not aware of the rules and regulations of this.

Some of the customers have said that tow companies are charging whatever they want and if you want to get out of it, you will have to pay whatever they say.

There were a lot of reports regarding this as well. When the audit was reviewed, the base rate was 68 dollars, but then it has been raised to more 100 dollars though. Some customers have also said that when they asked about the rates, operators do not say anything about it. Some towing companies have charged more than usual while storing other people’s cars. In general, you can say they are charging more than it should be. This is an illegal act and these towing companies cannot charge whatever they want. A strong action can be taken against whichever company does this.

South Florida Towing Company Tow Laws – Rules and Regulations

To prevent this, the public should be familiar with the rules and regulations about how much they should pay. This way they will also be able to know if they are being overcharged by any tow company whose services they are being facilitated by. Some of the tow laws that people should know about to prevent this scam are as follows:

  • If you use your cash to pay your charged bill, you have your full right to get the remaining change.
  • If you use your debit card to pay your charged bill, then there is no rule of being charged extra. You will just have to show only one ID issued by the government.
  • It is also your right to receive an invoice of your bill which will be itemizing your charges. Furthermore, it will also include that person’s name who will be charging you and approved your charges. Along with that, your charges will also have to be posted on the tow yard. The invoice you receive should also have the info regarding who to contact in case of any complaints.
  • You should not be paid for more than 100 dollars for the base tow. This can be an exception when the vehicle is large. If in case your car has to be stored by a tow company, then if it gets stored for less than 6 hours than it is highly unlikely that you will be paid for the storage. Normally the fee can be 24 dollars for your car to be stored per day. There will be no administrative fee if your car gets stored for less than one day. But, after that, the fee will be 30 dollars if the tow company have to confirm the car ownership.
  • If you return to your car before it has been hooked to a tow truck, you can just get in your car and leave. And if you reach to your car before it’s get towed away you will have to pay, for retrieval, 50 dollars.
  • Not only that, if your car gets towed away, it has to be reported to the police by the tow company in 30 minutes of its removal. The car should be towed towards the storage yard. No car can be dropped anywhere else even for temporary purposes.

These are just a few of the rules and regulations regarding tow laws. There are a lot of laws available and you should be familiarized with them as much as possible to avoid being overcharged. So that tow companies cannot charge you whatever they want.