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What to Keep In Your Car for Car Emergencies

Driving can be fun sometimes, but many times when we get used to it, we forget that we need to be extra careful with every move we take whether on a busy road or on a less busy road. Everyone gets confident with their cars when they are leaving for a journey but they can break down sometimes when we least expect them to do so. Car emergencies can be very crucial especially when they happen in places in which you may have no access to a mechanic; this is the reason why you need to be equipped with an emergency kit which contains things that can counter the emergency for the good of your car and your safety too. Here are some of the important things that you should carry along in your car which will help you deal with car emergencies in case of one.

First aid kit

This is very important for you to carry just in case you get in a minor accident with your car, carrying it doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to get involved in an accident but some things will never notify you when and how they come. In your first aid kit you should be having, antibiotics, painkillers, gloves, bandages, cotton and if you have a condition, for instances like asthma, you should carry prescribed medicine that you normally use to regulate it. You can also carry some tools like scissors, razors. Make sure that you are always carrying the kit every time even if you are just going for a short distance.

Spare Tire

Flat tires or tire busts are very common in car emergencies, unfortunately they always happen when you are not expecting. The only solution to this emergency is to replace your tire with another one for you to continue with your journey. If you don’t have a spare tire to make a replacement, you may get stuck for a long time searching for a mechanic. It is then advisable to carry at least one spare tire for your replacement. Every car has at least a place reserved for carrying an extra tire, you can utilize that space.

Tool Kit

When you get car emergencies, your tool kit might just help you to solve your problem faster. For instance, if you have a flat tire, you will be able to replace it easily if you have the necessary tools like; screw driver, plies and a jack, all these things are necessary even if you have never used them, you don’t need to even remove them in your car, if they are the same tools you are using for your home purpose, you better buy other ones specifically for your car. There are some special tools you need to have too, but they are dependent on the weather, for instance, in winter, you can carry an ice scraper and a shovel; these kinds of tools are only carried depending on the season.

Emergency Fares

This is an equally important tool for your car; the flares will help you to demarcate your car when you are faced by an emergency on a very busy road, you can put them around your car or just in front and the back to notify the incoming drivers that your car is stuck in the place. These will help the other drivers to notice that you are there.


This is very important in many ways for you and your car too. Water is necessary for you because it will help to quench your thirst, water is very important to your body to keep you sober in mind. It can be very important too when your car starts overheating, you can pour the water in the radiator of the car to keep your engine cool to avoid further problems

Jumper cables

These cables can be very important just in case the battery in your car fails just all of a sudden, this means your car cannot start anymore without a battery, and you can connect the jumper cable to another person’s car battery and use it to start your own car, just as long as you make sure you are putting the cable on the right terminals.


Many people do ignore this but it is very important as an emergency tool, just in case you get an emergency at night and you have to change a tire, your car headlights cannot help you there, you will need a flashlight. You can also carry extra batteries for your flashlight just in case the one you are using fails to work.

Extra power source for your phone

This is very important to carry too. You might just drive to a place where you cannot get in contact with people, in such places it can be dangerous if your car fails to work and you phone battery dies too, this can be quite frustrating because you will not be able to call for help from anywhere, this is why an extra power source for your phone is very important.

Fire Extinguisher

This is in fact the most important, it is very common for a car to catch fire when it overheats, and it is a fire extinguisher only that can save you in such situation, you car faces a risk of burning up when you lack a fire extinguisher. Make sure that the fire extinguisher you are carrying is full

To conclude on this, make sure that every time you drive out you have a complete emergency kit, and also that everything that you are carrying is fully functional before you go ahead. Finally, you should learn how to use the entire emergency kit you are carrying; there is no need of carrying things that you cannot be able to use.