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Repossession Service Prestige Auto Towing and Recovery offers professional repossession service in South Florida.

Our recovery agents and investigators will locate and secure your vehicle in a timely and professional manner.

Prestige Auto Towing offers a full service Repossession Service. We concentrate in complex repossessions and hard skip accounts.

All of our services are contingent, if we do not repossess your vehicle there is no charge from Prestige Auto Towing. If they don’t pay, we’ll take it away!

Protecting your property is our first priority. We accomplish this by recovering the collateral from the debtor as rapidly as possible
We are so confident of our capability to skip trace and repo your collateral that we offer our skip tracing and repo service on a conditional basis. If we do not trace and repossess your collateral, you owe us nothing!

Prestige Auto Towing is a repo service with fast repossession response as our main goal. Computer dispatched digitally equipped repossession trucks enable us to reduce the time between faxing us an order and putting your collateral on our towing truck. Faster repossessions is our commitment to all of our customers.

Prestige Auto Tech is one of a few towing companies licensed and insured to handle private party repossessions. We regularly manage repossessions between family members, divorce disputes, and terminated employees.

Private party repossessions are repossessions that occur without a promissory note, or a lease agreement, or any repossession falling outside of the standard debtor to bank relationship. If other repossession agencies have told you that they can’t repossess your car, please give us a call.

We provide customers with daily updates, condition reports and skip tracing. Our lot have a capacity to store over 50 vehicles secured by locked fences and under constant video surveillance. We are also able to provide indoor storage upon request.

We offer our services to individual, repair shop, dealers, motors clubs, insurance companies, etc. Prestige Auto Towing will go the extra mile to satisfy our clients.
Our team is always ready to help you. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 day a week.

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